It is the ‘God of Graces’ in Visayan mythology. There was once a fisherman who caught a piece of driftwood in his net, upon returning home he had managed to catch a bountiful of fish. Santonilyo is known to bring good luck and good fortune to whom possess it.


He is known for his anger and immense power. He is the god of the sky in Visayan mythology. When he saw that his grandsons have betrayed him, he killed them all with his lightning bolts and melted them to their raw material.


With a body made of hard rock, he is the hardest and bravest of the children of Lidagat and Lihangin. However, he was not satisfied with his strength and need more power so he plots to kill the most powerful being, his own grandfather, Kaptan.


It moves in the sky in which eventually eats the moon, making a black eclipse. The only way to make it vomit out the moon is to make the loudest noise you can make by banging pots, drums, or any instrument.