856G Gallery

Explore a modern exhibition space that provides a platform to different artists’ media. Be entertained by various displays that are regularly changed so your next visit will feel like the first time. Also take the chanceto learn about other styles of arts that also abound in the region.  Experience the Visayas with us!

Anthill Fabric Gallery

Fancy a gallery that showcases creative uses of handwoven fabrics into modern pieces, enlightening visitors with new perspectives on how traditional fabrics can be integrated into the everyday Filipino’s modern fashion and lifestyle. Get hold of its pieces woven not only with extraordinary skills but with stories intertwined beautifully in every ensemble. Experience the Visayas…


Adorn yourself with fashion jewelry that inspires creativity in everyday life. Don pieces of jewelry, proudly handcrafted using sustainable indigenous materials, from wood, kukui seed, bone, shell and natural fibers, combined with, ingenious techniques by talented local hand crafters producing only unique contemporary fashion jewelry pieces. Experience the Visayas with us!

Jul Oliva

Indulge in the creative use of indigenous materials perfected with a burst of colours in intricately woven fabrics, that seek to reinterpret Filipino culture in contemporary silhouettes.  A craft of passion and striking imagination, each piece is a complex handiwork of weaving patterns – the forms may be simple yet the attention to detail is…


Strum a key on a uke that is made of Bamboo! Replace its strings guilt-free as its material is primarily chosen for its endless renew-ability as a resource and its minimal effect on the environment. Be surprised with its exquisite sound and superb playability carefully handcrafted on the island. Also, enjoy the tune of a…